Pushing Boundaries of catalyst screening and process development

Posted on 17/04/2012

Heterogeneous catalysis is widely researched in many industries. HEL's widening working range opens up opportunities for new chemical sectors to benefit from the compact, well automated designs that are extremely easy to use. In particular, HEL's extensive range of equipment for screening catalysts and developing catalytic processes is being upgraded to enable operation at more severe conditions of pressure and temperature. This includes the marques parallel batch (HP chemscan) and continuous flow reactor system (flowCAT), both of which can now be run up to 200bar. The FlowCAT however, has now been designed to accommodate temperatures of more than 500 °C.

The main appeal of HEL's equipment is the ease of use, good use of laboratory space and high quality data. In addition to the strong client base, ranging from fine chemical and pharmaceutical base, HEL now has a growing client list in petrochemical and refining, including more users in the Middle East and among large national oil companies, reaching as far as China.