HEL launches a new website to create a one-stop solution for Thermal Hazards and Calorimetry

Posted on 23/02/2012

Thermal hazard and calorimetry is a major field of expertise within HEL and this has developed to such an extent that we have launched a dedicated website: www.hazards.co. This is the first website of its kind in encompassing a wide range of thermal hazard and calorimetry products and applications.

This website is based around the design of our main website, www.helgroup.com and makes it faster and easier to locate the correct hazard testing product, as there are now 6 different calorimeters to choose from.   The information is arranged according to applications which broadly separate into process and battery types.

Battery testing is a new and growing field inspired by Li-ion technology and there is huge growth in projected electric vehicle demand worldwide. Dr Jasbir Singh, HEL's managing director says, ''this step is a formal recognition of HEL's position as a leading supplier of hazard evaluation calorimeters and I am confident that our worldwide user base will grow significantly in the coming years''.

Visit the hazards website at: www.hazards.co

For further information contact: marketing@helgroup.com, Tel: +44 (0) 2087360640