Flow & batch process development workshop in New Delhi

Posted on 17/05/2011

Half day presentation and workshop at New Delhi's Hotel Emperor Palms focused on continuous and batch process development for hydrogenation and other catalytic processes.

Dr Jasbir Singh, HEL's Managing Director will be presenting on June 30th , in a workshop aimed to update India's leading chemists on development tools and applications for both batch and flow reactions from a wide range of industries. Examples of relevant equipment will also be on display so that a full appreciation of the topic is possible.

The workshop is offered in response to increased interest in catalytic reactions and hydrogenation in particular - most strikingly in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. More recently, flow chemistry has begun to attract a similar level of interest for a wide range of chemistries but especially involvingheterogeneous catalysis.  Alongside the innovative FlowCAT flow reactor system, HEL will present other well established batch reaction systems and techniques.

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